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May 29, 2014


I am frequently pleased by some very simple things. I choose to think that's a good thing.

Having a shiny new IPad cover was at the top of my list this morning. It looked so pretty charging on my bedside table, surrounded by some white Peonies and a favorite candle...I was inspired to snap a photo.

Goofy...yes...but making my world a prettier place brings me joy.

Diptyque Candle

As I was checking my email with this new delight, I opened a comment for a blog I posted in January...which puzzled me. Why would anyone comment so late?

Well... because feedburner has decided to go haywire and shoot out new emails on my old posts. I've seen it happen to other blogs I follow.  I'll occasionally get that errant, out of sync blog post emailed out (again) weeks, months or years after it's original publication.

How annoying and embarrassing. Please ignore what you got from (me) feedburner this morning on "Personal Agenda's".  My new agenda now is exploring other delivery options for my blog posts.

I'd been toying with the idea of a delivery system other than feedburner for months...but  today may be the day I kick it up a notch.

I'm thinking of trying Mail Chimp, but dislike the name almost as much as I dislike Bloglovin.

What is it with these companies? Are all the elegant, chic or just non dumb names being used already?

Do you rely on feedburner or do you have another suggestion for email delivery?

Humbly yours,

The repetitive Jennifer


  1. The names are quite amusing and one does wonder how the executives decide which one to choose to represent their product.
    I actually don't mind bloglovin and use it as well as google blogger to deliver my posts. When blogging goes awry I get so frustrated because I am not very savvy in the area of technology.
    Good luck figuring out your next move Jennifer and I think your bedside table looks very pretty.
    Little things like your IPAd cover really can make a difference in the way we feel.

  2. I had the same problem and didn't know about it for months and then it took months for me to fix it...And I can't stand those type of things and of course for some reason this sort of techy thing isn't normal tech stuff so my friends couldn't help me...
    I changed to feedblitz and the great thing is they have online help and they helped me so much as I know nothing except pressing publish! Feedburner just is not worth the hassle unless you know how to fix it yourself. PS bloglovin is so erratic and isn't very reliable. I use it bc a lot of people have stopped with GFC or are on wordpress so this has become my default plus I dont think it was ready for the sudden traffic. Hope you sort it out xx

    1. I haven't heard if feed blitz. I'll look it up. A lot of people seem to like Mail Chimp too.

  3. I so agree with you on the name thing, Jennifer! Let us know if you find an alternative you like. I also am pleased by small simple things. I have some daisies in a jar right now that give me so much pleasure Your IPAD case is beautiful!

  4. A beautiful iPad case. I "get" the concept of creating a beautiful world and I just noticed the leopard print to the right in your photo!

    1. You certainly do get it!! That's a leopard print covered Art Deco foot stool.

  5. It's all beyond me and for some reason a January post was sent to my readers last week, I don't know what to do about it. I was planning to ask my brother to help but he's just landed a big web designer job so there's no way I'm going to ask for help with my blog! Little arrangements please me so and your bedside table is no exception, how lovely and it truly is the little things that surround us that remind us of life's pleasures.xox!

  6. If there's anything wrong with grabbing joy from the simple daily things, then I'm guilty. What a charming vignette you have to wake up to!

  7. Love your peonies. As you know, I am a huge fan of assemblages!

    As for technical issues. I am no help. Now and then I consider binning the blog and sending out carrier pigeons to those who are interested!!!!

  8. Me too, Jennifer...the simple pleasures...nothing better I love the peonies and your shiny ipad cover...not goofy at all...ENJOY ;)
    Happy Weekend xx

  9. Motivation can come in so many forms, an old e-mail from a friend, a pretty vignette, a book, fresh flowers and a cup of hot tea or freshly brewed coffee.
    I will get back to you on the e-mail thing after I speak to my e-mail butler. I sometimes leave comments from old posts when I am new to a blog. I hope that is not poor blog etiquette.

  10. My European Blogs I follow all have moved to MAIL CHIMP this past month for similar reasons.SO, far so good.The lay out seems similar to WORDPRESS to me but as you know I know ZERO, ZIP about the techy side of this lovely way to communicate!I feel confident YOU will figure it out!

  11. Jennifer, being pleased my the simple things in life proves to me that you are a very happy woman. This picture alone brought pure joy to my day. So glad you were inspired to snap a photo so the rests of us could find pleasure in the simple things of life.

  12. Those Peonies are gorgeous. I always love to read your posts, and can't for the life of me ever figure out the ins and outs of blogging! Thank goodness I have a teenager to figure everything out!

  13. I wish my bedside table looked like that!

    I occasionally comment on old posts if I've stumbled across them through a link from elsewhere and find them particularly lovely or interesting. I quite like it when someone does that to me!


  14. Your bedside table is looking very pretty and stylish and I've just been reorganising mine. My Figuier candle is getting quite low and I was considering Verveine as a replacement as it's a perfect light summer fragrance. It's always so frustrating when there are blogging issues but wonderful when everything is working well!
    Thank you for your recent comment. Johnny Depp collecting Barbies is certainly unusual and one of the facts in the book which surprised me the most!

  15. Hi lovely. Sometimes I think you can read my mind. :) First off, I absolutely delight in simplicity, and making the world a prettier place brings me joy too. Next, what in the world is up with feedburner?!? I am so embarrassed about that as well. I had tried Mail Chimp (also think the name is wackadoodledoo), but don't like that we must include a physical address which accompanies all emails. That's some monkey business if you ask me. teehee
    If you find a good email subscription provider, please send a little note my way. I'll do the same.
    LOVE your IPad cover.

    1. Jennifer, I thought I'd add a little update. I ended up switching to MailChimp after all. Don't like the name but love their look and creative options with newsletters. As far as the mailing address issue, here's a link with more options I was not aware of. http://kb.mailchimp.com/article/im-an-artist-and-i-dont-have-a-po-box.-can-i-use-mailchimp/